Two Kind Of Dog Nail Clippers To Use

In keeping with the dog’s life, there are a number of things that a good old dog cannot do on his own, even if he’s got four reliable paws to tread on. On those four reliable paws of his are sets of nails that could grow pretty long and uncomfortable if not clipped per your specialist veterinary surgeon’s recommendations. More than likely, the vet will have some ideas on what type of dog nail clippers you will need to purchase.

And that’s just the thing. This is one of those things a good old dog just cannot do by himself, at all. He can lick his paws (gently it is hoped) good and wet, but he cannot cut his own paw nails. This is your job to do, but if you are going to be struggling with this, you can take your pal over to a pet groomer. Whether she’s going to be doing the job or you’re going to be managing just fine, there are really only two kinds of dog clippers you’ll be choosing from.

dog nail clippers

It’s the straightforward pair of scissors clippers and the rawhide guillotine clippers (but, nothing to fear here folks, it does the job good and proper if it’s suitable for your dog breed). The scissor clippers, however, are perfect for most dog breeds. They have the ability to manage both thick and thin nails. Two blades will be cutting across the canine’s nail. These clippers come well recommended for those of you still very new to handling your dog’s grooming requirements.

The procedure is safe. Only small shavings of nails will be trimmed down during any one grooming session. But the rule of paw here is to never rush through the job. Take your time and enjoy taking good care of your pal. Use of the guillotine clippers, however, might be a bit on the complex side for beginners. The blade is retractable. The nail will be pushed upon with a squeezable handle. But if this pair of specialist clippers is suitable for your dog breed you’ll soon learn how to handle this grooming affair.

One very important beginner’s tip here is to never let this blade face the old boy.