It’s Really Cheap To Buy YouTube Views, Really, It Is


Back in the day, it was considered to be really cheap to buy your friends. Today, that notion has flown right out the window, now that social media has been around for a number of years and with millions more new entrants signing up. The thing is you don’t need to buy your friends via social media.

All you really need to do is send a polite friendship request, and there you go, boom, a new friend is made. Let’s be honest, most folks really don’t take that long to decide whether they’d like to have you on board. You’re doing this too. The moment someone requests friendship from you, you’re only too happy to take advantage of the request to boost your numbers.

buy youtube views

Buying friends works a lot differently when you’re in this purely for business. When you’re in for the money, it now makes good sense to go for it and buy youtube views rather than wait for nice folks to pop in and say; hello, may I please be your friend. Your youtube video is up there in a very competitive space, so there’s no telling how long you’re going to wait for a required or desired number of youtube views to be recorded under your youtube video.

But when you buy your own youtube views and youtube comments too, for that matter, there’s really no waiting periods. Well, it does take around twelve hours before the number of youtube views you’ve purchased gets recorded under your video. That’s not asking much, and its less than one working or business day anyhow.

Let the record state that once you’ve made that ambitious purchase, you can have anything from 20,000 to fifty thousand youtube views delivered to your video on a daily basis. That’s not a once off deal; it seems the case that the numbers are simply going to grow the longer your video stays up on youtube. That’s got to be good for your business going forward. Simply put, the more youtube views you buy, the more likely it’s going to be that your marketing outreach initiative is going to reach your preferred target markets.

Just bear in mind though, that if you’re set in your ways on starting off with just 1000 views, you can expect to see the desired results within a day, and that’s not asking much either.